The 10 most expensive OSRS Items

The Old School RuneScape lets players fight several evil monsters, venture into the most hazardous dungeons and a whole lot more!

One of the most crucial requirements for that is having the right equipment, commonly known by the name of OSRS items. You cannot defend the entire world by wearing no armor, and armed with only an wooden shield and a bronze dagger.

Come on, the bronze age came to an end more than 2 millennia ago!

Most Expensive OSRS Items

Arcane Sigil

Arcane Spirit Shield

3rd Age Cloak

3rd Age Axe

3rd Age Bow

3rd Age Longsword

Elysian Signature

Elysian Spirit Shield

Twisted Bow

3rd Age Pickaxe

Here’s a list that could be helpful to those planning to earn from selling the top ten expensive OSRS items today.

You can sell them , or make use of them to eliminate Gielinor of each and every goblin. Once you get your hands on these items, you can use them however you like with them. This is one of the reasons why taking part in RuneScape is such a fantastic idea, isn’t it?

And without further delay Here are the top 10 most expensive items found in Old School RuneScape.

10. Arcane Sigil

Arcane sigil is an item dropped by the Corporeal Beast. Because the Corporeal Beast needs a high level of skill to be able to defeat it and drop, it is inevitably a high price. What makes it even more costly is its rarity and its ability to can be connected to a Blessed spirit shield to turn it the form of an Arcane Spirit shield.

9. Arcane Spirit Shield

The Arcane Spirit shield can be the ideal in-slot off-hand item for mages looking to inflict more damage because it offers the benefit of +20 magic attack. This is in addition to the stats of Blessed Spirit shield.

Arcane sigils can be connected to a Blessed Spirit shield by a player who has 90 prayers and 85 smithing or you can opt to pay Abbot Langley 1.5M gold.

8. 3rd Age Cloak

3rd Age cloak provides an impressive boost of +9 to any defensive stat but most importantly it gives you a +5 prayer. It can only be purchased through the Treasure Trails and is an extremely rare drop, which makes it among the most expensive items available in OSRS.

It’s best to get Ardougne Cloak 3 if the prayer bonus is what you’re seeking however, it can’t be denied that it looks positively attractive, especially when you combine it with other items of 3rd age. There’s a simpler way to acquire this high-priced OSRS item and stunning cloak through our reward chests.

7. 3rd Age Axe

Yes, another 3rd age item, and it’s not the first one. 3rd Age axe is a status symbol more than anything else (besides looking absolutely beautiful like the rest of 3rd age objects I think) due to the same stats as an Dragon axe and has the same woodcutting requirements which is 61, but it has a higher requirement for attack at 65.

It can also be obtained from Treasure Trails.

6. 3rd Age Bow

Ancient fletchers sure did know their trade well. So much so, that they’ve made a bow that combines the power of a longer bow and the agility of a short bow!

The 3rd Age bow can use bows that can reach the dragon and is a good choice for PvP and PvE but make sure you’re familiar with the game before you risk it! Like all 3rd Age items are, it’s only obtained by completing Treasure Trails.

5. 3rd Age Longsword

The most effective longsword from OSRS, 3rd Age longsword is a powerful weapon with impressive stats and a beautiful appearance. Although it’s described as a “longsword,” it actually behaves like a 2-handed sword and provides the ability to crush rather than a stabbing.

4. Elysian Signature

Elysian sigil is another rare drop of Corporeal Beast. You now know the reason why so many people commit themselves to eliminating that monster over and over again. Elysian sigil can be tacked to the Blessed Spirit shield to create one of the finest defensive shields in the game!

3. Elysian Spirit Shield

Elysian spirit shield is constructed by attaching Elysian signet to a Blessed spirit shield. It has better defense bonuses over its rivals Arcane spirit shield , or Spectral spirit shield. It also has an effective passive effect which decreases the amount of amount of damage you sustain by 25% and has an 85% chance of occur.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), it does not stack with Justiciar set effect. It is obtained by the same method as Arcane spirit shields and meets the same stat requirements.

2. Twisted Bow

The ultimate and the best bow on the market The only bow that is truly the best – the Twisted Bow. This ultimate ranged weapon is available as a reward from the raid Chambers of Xeric.

It comes with a default range of 10 tiles, which is the largest it can shoot. It is able to shoot any kind of arrow. It is recommended to use the long-range model only if your goal is to acquire some Defence XP. The damage this bow can cause depends on the magic level of your opponent and the higher the level, the greater the damage.

This makes it the most powerful killing tool for monsters such like the Alchemical Hydra. It’s also a great option in PvP. However, you’ll need to be a powerful madman to put up this much gold!

There’s a way to purchase this costly OSRS item, without having of completing all the Chambers of Xeric. If you have extra cash laying around, you can buy Twisted bows direct from Probemas!

1. 3rd Age Pickaxe

Last but not least, the most popular comes that of the 3rd Age pickaxe. While it has the same stats and unique attack as the dragon pickaxe, the 3rd Age pickaxe RuneScape product is chased after by miners who are professional. It is the ultimate status symbol and everyone should be admired by the player.

This costly OSRS item is only obtained from Master Treasure Trails and requires 65 attack and mining 61.

Let us hope that you’ve found this list of items useful. We would like to wish you the best chances of obtaining one of these items but know that it’s going to be a task most daunting.