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The story of the 1819 Peterloo Massacre where British forces attacked a peaceful pro-democracy rally in Manchester.

Cinematographers use a lens to focus reflected light from objects into a real image that is transferred to some image sensor or light-sensitive material inside a movie camera. These exposures are Peterloo created sequentially and preserved for later processing and viewing as a motion picture. Capturing images with an electronic image sensor produces an electrical charge for each pixel in the image, Peterloo which is electronically processed and stored in a video file for subsequent processing or display. Images captured with photographic emulsion result in a series of invisible latent images on the Peterloo film stock, which are chemically “developed” into a visible image. The images on the film stock are projected for viewing the motion picture.

Cinematography finds uses in many fields of science Peterloo and business as well as for entertainment purposes and mass communication.
In digital cinematography, the movie is shot on digital medium such as flash storage, as well as distributed through a Peterloo digital medium such as a hard drive.

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