How To Write A Resume

Writing a resume is one of the most important things you will do. A great resume helps with getting jobs and getting accepted into college. As a student in high school or college now is the time to learn how to write an outstanding resume. Here are some tips to writing an excellent resume.

  • Make sure you proofread your resume at least twice before you send it or post it online. Make sure you use the correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Do not use abbreviations, emojis, or slang in your resume.
  • Make sure your resume has a professional look and easy to read fonts. Use Times New Roman or Arial.
  • Do not lie on your resume. Be complete honest. It is very easy to do enough research to verify the information on your resume. Falsifying the information can be costly later.

Writing the resume

Center the contact information at the top of your resume. Include your name, address, phone number and email. Make the font bold. The font size should be 12 point. If you are in college use your home and college address. Do not include your social security number. Your social security number will be necessary to complete an actual application for a job or university acceptance.

If you are in high school list your high school, (name only) the year you graduate, and your grade point average if it above a 3.0. Do not include your G.P.A. if it is below a 3.0. If you are in college, name the university you attend, the year you will graduate, your grade point average and your major or discipline. Below list the name of your high school, the year you graduated. The same rule applies regarding your G.P.A., if it is below 3.0 do not include it. For the heading use “Education” and make sure it is to the left margin.

Next write your experiences. For a heading use “Experience” and make sure it is to the left margin. List the employer if you have work experience or list the organization. Start each sentence using action or active verbs such as maintained, coordinated, participated, and organized. If you have never been employed list volunteer activities.

The next section should be “Activities.” As with the headings “Education and Experience” make sure it is to the left margin. List all activities, especially those that are extracurricular. Include the years. E.g. (2015 – present) Swimming Club – (8 years).

“Awards” should be listed below “Activities.” List all of your awards. Remember do not fabricate information.

The last section should be references. The heading should “References” and to the left margin. Beneath the heading state “Available upon request.” You should have at least three references, from teachers, school administrators, the pastor of your church, and someone in a leadership position in a volunteer organization or effort.

Additional Tips

Use paper that is best suited for resumes. Stick with white or ivory paper and do not use any other colored paper. Show your resume to your parents, teachers, professors, or counselors a second check. Also, if you have any leadership roles in any organization or effort make sure to list those.