Tips For Creating Your Network

Creating your network as a student to help you or your friends find jobs can be very exciting, but you must exercise caution. Here are some do’s and don’ts about creating a network.

  • Only send “invites” to students and friends you know. Do not accept invites to connect with students you don’t know, someone who claims to be an employer, someone who is a friend of a friend that you don’t know, or any adult. An employer will not send you an invite to make a connection.
  • Remember this is the internet. Information can be accessed by anyone. Remember once you put something “out” there, most likely it is out there for the whole world to see permanently.
  • Do not put inappropriate photos or comments on your page. Remember this is a website that is designed to help you find employment and build networks with others of similar interest.
  • Do not post your personal information on the internet. Your social security number, phone number, home address, birthdays, travel plans, or any other personal information should not be posted for public view.
  • Post information about positive activities, positive activities that you have completed, and photos of positive activities and events.
  • If someone creates a false profile using your name or photo of you notify Gigs4students immediately. Bullying, cyberbullying, or intimidation will not be tolerated.
  • Not everything you see on the internet is true. Be careful of anyone who contacts you through your friends or connections to conduct an interview. An employer will contact you through formal channels on your application, not through social media.
  • Next, add your parents, a teacher, or school counselor, as a connection. They will be able to monitor your connections and provide additional protection.