Many people in the community are struggling with their relationship with food and feel embarrassed and over-whelmed when they start looking at getting treatment for eating disorders NSW. Our relationship with food is very complex and you will need a supportive team to help you understand the complexities from a non-judgmental stance.

Your team may include GP, Dietitian and/or Psychologist. You may also require a Psychiatrist if you are looking at medications, some people also see an exercise physiologist or an alternative health professional.

Take time and care researching clinicians who are experienced in working with eating disorders. Ensure at least one of your team members has at least fiveyears experience working in eating disorders. If this is not possible, choose a clinician who is from a Practice that specialises in eating disorder or is supervised by a senior eating disorders clinician.

Look for dieitians who offer health at every size dietitian approach.

When deciding on your team members, give yourself the time warranted to build a relationship. If you are anxious about talking about food, this could skew your view of the relationship.

If you are looking for a credible platform, where you can get the reputable treatment for your eating disorders, then follow Annica Marks Nutrition. Here you will not only get treatment for your eating disorder but also receive insights on sustainable diet principles and intuitive eating. Annica is known for being an accredited practicing dietitian as well as a specialist in treating eating disorders. She is experienced in working with the well-respected eating disorder teams such as The Centre for Psychotherapy and Northside Group. She has also been a part trained under The Beumont Centre. Annica was also the co-founder of The Practice Nutrition and Mental Health Clinic in St Leonards Sydney.

Annica Marks Nutrition is prominent for offering online consultations. Annica combines her expertise in nutrition science with her behavior changeknowledge for supporting her clients so that they can successfully develop a healthy relationship with the food. The platform works with all those who are in acute need of recovering from their eating disorders to those who are stable and well and are looking tobe moved away from a diet culture towards intuitive eating.

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